Mischief Brew / Andrew Jackson Jihad ‎– Mischief Brew / Andrew Jackson Jihad

Pressing info:
100 of the pink w/polka-dots
100 of blue w/polka-dots
( as if the concentric grooves weren't confusing enough, the advanced copies have the labels on the wrong sides since we rushed the job to get them to the bands )

170 of the clear w/ polka dots
550 of the plain clear

14 pink with even more polka-dots than the ones pictured for Pirates Press staff.

CONCENTRIC GROOVES: Both bands have recorded two different versions of each song (electric and acoustic versions). The vinyl has been mastered so that the songs/grooves run parallel. In other words, depending on where you put the needle, it will play one of the two versions of the songs, and if you bump the needle while playing it it will go from one version to the other. This is a SUPER UNIQUE piece of vinyl!