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Ethelscull is an Dark Ethereal Lofi Experimental project from AmeliaPeel. The project emerged once Amelia began recording songs on a 4 track back in 1999. Always having the desire to create music and art, in her early years she was lucky to experience such a wide variety of music styles. A huge fan of Bananarama, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna started the thoughts of a music career. Being introduced to her sisters collection of punk and metal records including Generation X and Ozzy Osborne at a young age planted another seed all together. It was 120 Mintures on MTV in the mid 80s that opened the door to a huge array of bands that are still an influence to this day. It was Throwing Muses' Kristen Hersh that inspired her to want to learn how to play the guitar. Amelia dabbled in the early 90's Riot Grrrl movement and started playing music with other girls from school even though none of the bands unfortunately lasted long enough to record anything. Moving into Atlanta proved productive as she was now surrounded by more artists and musicians.
"It was during a very bad breakup that gave me a lot of alone time when I had purchased the 4 track. I used that time to start recording music as I tried to recover. The playing was quite poor back then but i was still learning. I have always been self conscious about my singing even though I knew I could sing, so the singing is very drowned out in those early recordings, but all of the words are from my notebooks and very personal".

"Kind of old-school post-rock / psych / goth / ambient / and some post-punk thrown in for good measure" - Eric.M.Place

"Recording "bass guitar, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, pedals, toys, white noises, toy accordion, quiet sounds, distortion, viola, vox , feelings and guts" with her four-track, Atlanta's ethelscull (a.k.a. Amelia Peel) takes the lo-fi road to homemade experimental/ephemeratronic sounds... Find a place to yourself in the resonance of hovering plinks and slow-motion strums of the instrumental opening track. Amelia buries soft vocals within minute-long strum/drone rake. Distant wails top the muted, mesmerizing churn-and-plink expanse of persihedinfits. Livelier jangling and a mechanicalish rhythm give surreal somethings a relatively "perky" vibe. destruction's electric riffs may be time-worn, but submerging them in misty swirls of indiscernible vocals adds new shadows and lights, besides revving up the otherwise vague flows. Acoustic fingering and reverb-laden crooning give grace + favors a lilting (yet still melancholy) quality. impracticality entwines choppy chords, voicestreamers and chimier tones into finalizing strands. These nocturnal dreamscenes (20 in 41 minutes) fall into an alternarock-meets-gothereal niche. I gather that Amelia Peel isn't "like the other girls", and I mean that in the best possible way. Expressive do-it-herself collages display a definite knack for creating immersive murk/rock
Ribbons Into Hysterics review from Ambientrance

Ethelscull self released three of her albums on Kittenwhip, a diy label she created.
Kittenwhip released a compilation cd: Mood-Swing Theater Volume One in 2004. A Volume 2 was in the works but never came to light.

Amelia has recorded music since but has not put out a official release of music under the Ethelscull name. New songs can be found on her Soundcloud page.


Ethelscull Discography Tracks


001 Ethelscull - Thanatos album art Ethelscull Thanatos(CDr, CD-ROM, Album) Kittenwhip 001 USA & Canada 2002 Sell This Version
002 Ethelscull - Ribbons into Hysterics album art Ethelscull Ribbons into Hysterics(CDr, CD-ROM, Album) Kittenwhip 002 USA & Canada 2003 Sell This Version
003 Ethelscull - Sentimentalia album art Ethelscull Sentimentalia(CDr, CD-ROM, Album) Kittenwhip 003 USA & Canada 2006 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

none Ethelscull - S/T album art Ethelscull S/T(CDr, CD-ROM, EP) Kittenwhip none USA & Canada 2001 Sell This Version