Pirates Press Records as reviewed by JTThrasher

February 18, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
I love the music that this company puts out and distributes. I have been a part of the scene since 86 and try to support it financially and through shows when I can. This is why I was very disappointed when I ordered the Bishops Green album through their online store.
At checkout I was given one mailing option, with a disclaimer to choose the cheapest and that they would send media mail if available and only send priority of it is the only available means. My only option was priority, making it 9 dollars and change to ship two albums in America. I sent emails about this and received convoluted responses. I chose to order the albums anyway, believing that since priority was my only option then it fit the category of their definition as to when available. When I received my shipping order it said they sent it media mail. I emailed them and received an apology for my not understanding their verbal gymnastics.
They said their website provider causes this confusion, but they choose to use them. I stated, before I ordered that I do not want to order if I am going to be charged for priority, which is double hat of media mail, if I was not going to receive the service,
As I said, I love this music. I really like what Pirates Press distributes. I must warn potential buyers through their website however that they will potentially scam you on shipping.

****Follow up. After some back and forth with them they sent it priority, and included some extra stickers and paper records. I have to commend them for doing so, but as far as I know the site may still only offer priority or a more expensive option for some shoppers and their policy is still to only ship media mail. I will let the review stand until I see otherwise.

Pirates Press Records JTThrasher

June 30, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
I agree. They have many things I would buy direct if the issue were taken care of. As it stands I only buy a couple of things through other distributors of their music (sometimes for cheaper, and cheaper shipping). I will say that they sent me the Bishop's Green paper record as an extra and a lot of stickers. If I need to buy a few records and they continue to do that then the extra 5 bucks isn't that big of a deal, but you have to go in expecting that is what the trade off for your money will be.

Pirates Press Records Ryan456

June 10, 2015
Their site has always been that way. Priority is the only option given, then they ship with Media Mail. Great label, but it is frustrating being blatantly ripped off every time you order a few records.